Fucking blog post time

Shit, its  been  8 months or so since I posted on here Thank you for taking the time to read this, remember to drink plenty of water, stay hydrated, look after your bastard self I wanted to talk about / type about the Vefam Union NFT Two different styles of membership, but no rarity system, one created by the artist Novo and one by FingaBang (lol bro)  So wtf is the membership and what does it do? Its a fucking membership, to the best private club ever Now being part of the Vefam Union, you know you can rely on the community, if you have any issues, about anything, you have the backing of 10 Union Executives, and the wider community. But the benefits are smooth We will be getting whitelist slots for other projects, that you can register for, but not just on vechain, we will look to aquire other chain slots too A members only area in the discord, I'm personally shit at using discord and telegram, I do tend to avoid them, but they are active, and the team are in there, de

I only wanted a fancy picture or two, now the Nigerian pirates are after me

Righ, fucking hell, where to start with this one, a right cluster fuck.. So, I'm working on a new project, I saw a gap in the market and I'm rolling with it. I got the website sorted, everything looked good, but I wanted it to look a little more personalised. So I went on fiverr, and made a job request titled "customising my website template" and in the description I put: simple edits, add a few images and change a few things on the php script. Right, simple enough?  Yeah, you'd fucking think so. So, the next day I had about 50 or so replies, one caught my attention, he said he will make my website beautiful and do great things. Who can't ignore an offer like that, so I agreed a price,  he said they was going to make my website responsive or some shit, I said if its in the budget, you do what you need todo. So I paid the funds into the escrow, and gave the guy the admin details so he can crack on. Next day, he messages me saying he's having a little troubl


Tickled me haha

I call bullshit... Are these rug pulls all the same guys?

Same set up everytime, same cartoon shit, dog inu, Shiba in, moonmarsroverfuck, safe fucker, similar name shit, similar website, same kinda images with just a different theme / name, and most end up the same way, rugged. Or maybe people have planned their launch and built their shit up before hand, I'm just struggling to see how all these new projects have everything ready to roll instantly, from audits to graphic design, and one thing I can tell you, its not fucking cheap, at all, and instantly doing PPC adverts, paid shills, and full team of admins, and the promotion work. Its not cheap and it's not easy. I call bullshit. But this is different to the more elaborate defi rug pulls, that shits a whole different level of fuckery.

I was wrong, so fucking wrong

I'm not afraid to admit when I was wrong, shit, I sometimes celebrate the fact and make announcements when I'm wrong, for example, a post like this. Shitcoins, meme coins, "tha ponzi", uninswap, pancakeswap, burger and hotdogswap. I was wrong. My stance was always "I'm not touching anything with a cartoon in it, how can anything credible be a fucking unicorn" Well..  I was wrong. There is a ton of fucking money to be made, but there's a catch.  The catch is, 95% of the projects are scams, rug pulls, generally an unsafe area of crypto world. But the other 5%, if you find a project that is legitimate, a solid team, you're on to a winner, all coins have to start somewhere, and that somewhere starts on the swaps, and you have to get in early, and only play with small amounts and hope it turns to fruition. I was so dismissive of the swaps, and now my attitude has completely changed. Now I cant legally tell you to buy pampy, or sell pampy,

So I joined a sugar mommas website

I've done that kinda thing I do that lands me in the dog house again. I looked at a tweet of some guy who got a rolex off a cougar, and then sold it, bought fucking dodge with it, and made it lol. I mean don't get me wrong, but that sounds like a golden ticket compared to my onlyfans. So I joined the site, verified myself, did all my details, and then uploaded my photo. Fucker keeps getting denied, its a good a photo. Now what. Technically, after reading the forums, I'm now referred to as a cub, and they are the wealthy cougars, what kind of world have I entered here. My wife will fucking batter me if she sees this.

One of my favourite parts of crypto twitter is how polite everyone is

Calling people sir, regal. Ser is my favourite though.  I saw a screenshot of a developer rug pulling his community,  he announced it by saying "sirs, I rug you now"  And the responses was "but sir" Funny shit. Edit: I found the shot, slightly different to what I put, but sod it.

Oh hey Samsung nice phones, but...

Nice phones you got there Samsung mate, I've got the s10, and really like it, and I haven't dropped it once in 8 months. Being a fan of a certain brand of the Chinese  phone variety, the hesitation to get a Samsung was real. But yeah, nice phones mate,  I can tell you invested alot into designing it. But tell me Samsung mate, why is the keyboard shit bro? What is all this about? I'll type a word correctly and you just fuck about with it, you join words together, you change words when they are correct. No, I have not got fat thumbs, and yes, I can tell the difference between there, they're and their. Samsung? More like Samshit  (You fuckers just changed that too) But nice phone mate.

I'm learning too much, I need to slow down or I'll start forgetting shit

If you would've asked what a liquidity pool is two weeks ago, I would've told you to get your inflatable arm bands on and fuck off. Now I'm learning too much in DEFI. That shit is hardcord, bro I was studying the mathematical equation of a bonding curve, whats a bonding curve I hear you say? I've not got fucking clue, ask me tomorrow. 

This fucking week 30/05/2021

The markets are still fucked. I've had threats made against me. Had friends fall out. Had my time consumed by endlessly defending everything. Hardly slept. Worked a full time job. And been to the fun fair. Bro im a normal fucking guy, my wife would go fucking mad at all this shit.

Friendship - fucking hell

Don made a post yesterday about friendship,  couldn't agree more with him. But since that tweet I've not had issues with friendship, but shits gone down with frens. First off, a good friend of mine and the squad at pampy fell out, and guns was drawn, I missed it all, but I had to say enough is enough, cant have people i respect waring, I'm not here for that. And second, some frens of mine was offended by a long running joke thats been taken too far and feet pictures, long story short I was offered real money by some dude on twitter to take a picture of my webbed toes, and on days of a real bad market down turn ill make a joke about selling feet pictures,  and it is funny to an extent, but the whole thing just spiralled out of control and ended up a shit show. Now what

Proud moment

For the log

For the log

Did a giveaway for pampy The kid was thrilled to bits bless him, had some funny as fuck videos submitted too, and one chap removed his video after One for the book

Sometimes you just got to go for it

Procrastination is a bitch. When the fire starts, fuel that fucking flame as fast as you can

Historic: bacon bitch

One moment I need logging here is the time that women tried trolling me. So I tweet her a picture of me frying some bacon and told her to fuck off  And good times was had by all.

Telegram emojis and stickers ARE SHIT

I have to keep saying "fire emoji" instead of the emoji itself, as its fucking shit But when I say two fire emojis you know its going off

one by one

We will show them

So whats all this about then?

I really need to start logging everything I've done so far on this crypto journey, its been phenomenal The dream really is to write a book about it, share my experience, clearly going to be titled "dont tell the wife.." I bet I could write that, get it published, and still not tell her  Just don't tell the wife ffs

well turns out this is a blog

Now what