I call bullshit... Are these rug pulls all the same guys?

Same set up everytime, same cartoon shit, dog inu, Shiba in, moonmarsroverfuck, safe fucker, similar name shit, similar website, same kinda images with just a different theme / name, and most end up the same way, rugged.

Or maybe people have planned their launch and built their shit up before hand, I'm just struggling to see how all these new projects have everything ready to roll instantly, from audits to graphic design, and one thing I can tell you, its not fucking cheap, at all, and instantly doing PPC adverts, paid shills, and full team of admins, and the promotion work.
Its not cheap and it's not easy.

I call bullshit.

But this is different to the more elaborate defi rug pulls, that shits a whole different level of fuckery.


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